Welcome to Brily!

Welcome to Brily!

An app aimed at making the lives of students easier. The lives of students are hectic enough, Brily will help them by providing a service that automatically generates their cleaning schedules and reminds them of their tasks.
About Brily

If you share a living space with other students, you know the relations can sometimes be a little awkward. Everyone wants to have a great relationship with their hallmates, but sometimes our different lifestyles get us in each other's way. Some people always bring up cleaning; others seem to never actually do it. Many of us like to throw a party from time to time but no one wants one in their hallway the night before an exam.

When we would rather be friends, talking to each other about these serious things is difficult. No one likes complaining and we all feel a little bad doing it. And sometimes it feels like no matter what we do, some people just cannot be satisfied. No matter how difficult, communication is necessary to keep us comfortable in our own homes.

Luckily, we are introducing a new app, Brily, that can help you with communication. Brily is an app that will help you set agreements with your hallmates, and to synchronize your lifestyles. Using Brily, you can reduce conflicts in your home to a minimum. In the end, independent of what our lifestyles are, we all want to keep our homes a pleasant place.

Currently, Brily is still in development. We are now working on initial features for planning and dividing tasks. We're working very hard to get Brily in the Android app market in early 2019.

We hope you are looking forward to it!

The Brily team

The Roadmap
Brily was born

October '18

Brily was started as a project within the Student Company course of Radboud University.
First meeting SSH&

March '19

For the the first time we meet up with SSH& and discussed how Brily could help them achieve their mission.
Start pilot

December '19

With the help of SSH& we will roll out the app to the first hallways.
New features

January '20

After two month of testing, we will add additional features based on the students feedback.

March '20

March marks the end of the pilot with SSH&. We will further evaluate and improve the app while looking for new student housing companies.
Image Suzie Bernards

Suzie Bernards


Due to my business administration background, I am responsible for the financial and managerial part of Brily. It is exciting to be able to put some of the things I learned into practice. Within Brily, there is also room for me to use my creativity in e.g. design. And I am partially responsible for the contact with external parties. It is very exciting to discover my entrepreneurial side and to be part of such an awesome team.

Image Johannes Löwe

Johannes Löwe


As a third year AI student I am mostly involved in the App development, from product design to implementation. Next to my AI studies courses in Business Administration have made me curious about marketing and positioning, which is where I hope to achieve a bright future for Brily.

Image Nick Stracke

Nick Stracke


In the first year of my AI studies, I initially had the idea of a community app for students that helps them structure their day-to-day lives. Three years later, I am excited to say that that idea has become reality. I am responsible for the app development and underlying infrastrcture. Additionally, I maintain contact to our clients and partners which perfectly matches my general interest in entrepreneurship.

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